Louise Taylor's Hawaii School of Voice

Photo: Christine Burke

Louise Taylor is a professional musician and vocal coach. She is known for her ability to impart her understanding of the voice, and encourages all of her students to reach beyond their boundaries. She believes that the singing and speaking voice (which are the same instrument) is a powerful means of self-discovery and empowerment. Singing is also a lot of fun, once you get out of your own way. She teaches simple techniques to develop vocal ease and a richer, freer sound.


Louise studied voice with Frank Baker, whose story is below. In honor of Frank's unique legacy, as well as the  joy of sharing singing, Louise started the Hawaii School of Voice. She offers private lessons, group workshops, and Your Mindful Voice Retreats to all levels, from beginner to professional.


Frank Baker inspired hundreds of people to sing. He dedicated his life to teaching people how easy and powerful singing can be. Through his deep knowledge and profound understanding of his own instrument, he passed that understanding on to those fortunate enough to study with him. He taught jazz singers, opera singers, rock stars, folk singers, and people who had spent their whole lives believing they could not sing. No one was turned away. He did all this while partially paralyzed from a stroke that would leave him unable to sing for the rest of his life. He continued to teach until his passing.


For more stories and information about Frank Baker, read Louise's Music Blog.


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