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Louise Taylor's  School of Voice

For the singer in you!

Photo of Louise Taylor by Heather Waters

Louise Taylor is a professional musician and vocal coach. She is known for her ability to impart her understanding of the voice, and encourages all of her students to reach beyond their boundaries. She believes that the singing and speaking voice (which are the same instrument) is a powerful means of self-discovery and empowerment. Singing is also a lot of fun, once you get out of your own way. She teaches simple techniques to develop vocal ease and a richer, freer sound.


Louise studied voice with Frank Baker, whose story is below. In honor of Frank's unique legacy, as well as the  joy of sharing singing, Louise started the Hawaii School of Voice. She offers private lessons, group workshops, and Your Mindful Voice Retreats to all levels, from beginner to professional.


Frank Baker inspired hundreds of people to sing. He dedicated his life to teaching people how easy and powerful singing can be. Through his deep knowledge and profound understanding of his own instrument, he passed that understanding on to those fortunate enough to study with him. He taught jazz singers, opera singers, rock stars, folk singers, and people who had spent their whole lives believing they could not sing. No one was turned away. He did all this while partially paralyzed from a stroke that would leave him unable to sing for the rest of his life. He continued to teach until his passing.


For more stories and information about Frank Baker, read Louise's Music Blog.



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Harley E 

I have taken voice lessons from a few different people over the years, and Louise is by far the best teacher I have worked with. She has helped me find more comfort, ease, tone, and range than I knew my voice could have. I have taken lessons in person and over Skype, and don't plan on stopping any time soon.


In addition to technical advice - pitch, tone, control, etc. - Louise helped me burrow into the songs in advance of making a record. It helps that she's superb singer-songwriter in her own right; she's tuned into the spiritual aspects of music-making. In my case, Louise counseled restraint, and consequently audiences seem to be connecting to my songs more than ever. Did I mention that she's a lot of fun?

Wendy B

I initially came to Louise Taylor for help with vocal strain while speaking all day (as a teacher) and singing in my upper range. In the first Skype lesson she identified what was needed for immediate relief, and gave me simple tools to practice on my own--and so much more. In every lesson, she transmits a genuine excitement about the voice, along with her breadth of knowledge. She is present, intuitive, and playful, inspiring the courage to soar beyond my perceived limitations, effortlessly. I'm now singing, speaking, and showing up in the world with more confidence, resonance, and freedom than I realized was possible through vocal study. By Louise's example, I've also learned to hear the soul of other people's singing, making listening more enjoyable and moving than ever.

Tamm J

It is so much more than a singing lesson! Louise is the best voice coach I have ever met. Her whole personality is filled with kind, supportive guidance, and attention that helped me to feel comfortable enough to open up and sing! Highly recommended.

Roxanne S

Louise is a wonderful voice teacher. I came to Louise because my singing was badly off-key, and her lessons have helped so much. Louise helped me to learn to really hear myself, and to hear the notes I'm trying to sing, as well. She actually believes I can hit notes that seem out of my reach to me (!!), and is so patient and encouraging while showing me how to get there. She's taught me that a lot of singing is relaxing into the song, and is great at explaining different techniques to help me relax. She's improvisational, she clearly loves to teach voice lessons, and the lessons are a whole lot of fun!! 
If you've always wanted to learn how to sing, or how to improve your singing, I say - definitely Go For It!!!

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