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Voice Lessons



Louise has been teaching voice for over 20 years, and has developed a simple and engaging way to help you discover your own natural voice.


Drawing on her years of experience as a professional recording and touring musician, Louise teaches the many aspects of voice - from novice to professional singers.


Vocal Ease

Song Interpretation

Recording Session Coaching

Vocal Health and Healing 


Louise also offers lessons in:


Performance Skills

Beginning Guitar

The above button will take you to an easy to use self scheduling app where you can view all currently available lesson times. 

Voice Lessons Via Zoom

$40.00 - 1/2 Hour Zoom 

$70.00 - 1 Hour Zoom 

Lessons Packages (must be used in 1 month)

Via Zoom

$136.00  4 - 30 minute lessons monthly 15% Savings

$238.00  4 - 1 hour lessons monthly 15% Savings

Studio Lessons  - Temporarily on Hold

Please choose an Online Offering

Shania Pocock and Louise Taylor Singing Lesson

Former student with Louise Taylor - Private Voice Lesson

Teaching Style

I have been a student of Louise Taylor at Hawaii School of Voice for 8 years.  I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone of any age or level of experience in singing.  I am an educator myself, and I am particularly impressed by the following skills and sensitivities which she consistently and remarkably offers her students.


Whether teaching in individual, small group, or large group settings, Louise NEVER criticizes or demeans ANYONE, no matte what the circumstances.  She ALWAYS finds a way to praise some aspect of what the student has done, giving POSITIVE REEFORCEMENT in every situation.After such support, she may then gently suggest – and simply demonstrate – a specific way that her student may want to improve a particular technical or lyrical part of a song in progress.


Louise is always composed and prepared well ahead of the time that any student arrives for a lesson.  She is very indulgent in giving extra time and effort beyond the scheduled end of the lesson and never asks for additional compensation for this gift.  Whenever two or more are gathered for a group experience, she makes the extra effort to prepare a food and drink snack for the participants, making them feel at home in her very professional dedicated teaching space.


Louise demonstrates good nature and infinite patience with each student in every teaching scenario.  She will repeat and embellish each and every  suggestion and teaching point as many times as it takes for the student to hear and apply it – sometimes for years – and yet each time it seems like the first time, and seems perfectly appropriate for the moment at hand.  Her instruction is clear and easily applied, and I  have never seen anyone not feel better and encouraged about their own vocal skills after a lesson with Louise.


Finally, I must acknowledge Louise for “practicing what she preaches” and absolutely “walking her talk.”  No instructional encounter goes by without her actually singing for and with the student.  She is a truly phenomenal musician and vocal performer.  No one can hear her sing, and feel her presence and personal power as she does so, without responding by feeling, “I want some of that.”  Louise realizes that--particularly in the arts-inspiration precedes creation, and her teaching insures both.

~Lawson C.

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