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Mindful Voice Flyer
Mill Valley, California

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Reveal your true voice by immersing yourself in singing, speaking, movement, and stillness amidst the peaceful redwoods. Led by Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Instructor Wendy Beckerman and Vocal Coach Louise Taylor, you will:

  • Discover the body as your unique instrument of creative expression.

  • Release tension and resistance with simple techniques.

  • Experience how conscious presence supports vocal ease, power, and tone.

Professional and amateur singers and speakers welcome; no previous mindfulness or yoga experience necessary. Enjoy the historic Ralston White Retreat's private setting in the redwoods, fresh and delicious meals, hiking trails, music and the company of like-minded individuals.


Massage available on site with Massage Therapist Karen Almquist for an additional charge. Appointments will be scheduled in advance of the Retreat.

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